We are passionate about high quality design in every aspect of our work, and believe in openness and a people-centred approach. Through our developments in Sunderland, we aim to deliver far-reaching positive change to the city.

We bring together people with many skills and experience, which together create a strong, talented, adaptable team. We have successfully completed major regeneration projects in cities and regions across the UK including the North East.

Alongside the team, who have skills in development, regeneration, commercial surveying, planning and construction expertise, we work with a number of specialist consultants – leaders in their field who have the skill and ambition to transform the sites we work on. They know and understand the area, and each brings new skills, from architecture to urban design, to boost the momentum and effectiveness of our work.


We’re committed to strengthening Sunderland’s future, and want to involve local people as much as possible in the work we’re doing to bring exciting new opportunities to the city. We welcome the chance to discuss plans for our current major projects, or meet informally to update residents or businesses on progress at Vaux, Seaburn or Chapelgarth.


Just as exceptional design is integral to Siglion’s schemes, so is the aim to create a healthier, active city. We’re committed to sponsoring the city’s 10k and half marathon, to ensure the city is a place where people live happy, fulfilled lives where they’re fit and active.

We’ll be creating new chances for local people to become more active across Sunderland, and to enjoy an improved quality of life as our work rolls forward.


Innovative design and sustainability are the hallmarks of Siglion developments. ‘Sustainable’ may have
become an over-used word but it sums up our focus on long-term, environmentally friendly solutions to
create exceptional places to live and work.

We consult Natural England and national bodies to ensure we are building environmentally friendly, attractive schemes which will benefit people and habitats. We are working with engineering specialists to integrate solutions to flooding risk, and manage the possibilities of extreme storm events as a consequence of climate change over the next 100 years. At Chapelgarth, for example, we are using Sustainable Urban Drainage strategy – the most effective and up-to-date drainage technology to cut the amount of water that runs into existing water courses in and around the site by adding a sustainable, high quality drainage system.