Siglion is an ambitious development company, set up to carry out a 20 year regeneration programme which will transform Sunderland.

Welcome to Siglion

Siglion is city development company, owned by Sunderland City Council. It was launched in April 2015 to carry out Sunderland’s largest ever regeneration project to create new jobs and new places to work, live and relax.

Siglion is totally committed to developing and regenerating five major sites across the city at the Vaux site, Seaburn and Chapelgarth then Farringdon Row and Numbers Garth.

In addition, we now own an impressive investment portfolio of 100 industrial, retail and office properties with around 700 tenancies.

The team behind Siglion brings together specialists who have long-term experience of major regeneration projects, and a shared vision of building a strong, confident future for the city.

Our five priorities are to:
1. Improve concentration of new economic activity in the city centre
2. Create a city centre that supports such higher value job creation
3. Bring dormant areas such as the former Vaux site back into use
4. Offer a wider choice of housing to the market
5. Position Sunderland as a place to invest